Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The End of the Career

Hockey players bounce around from team-to-team ad infinitum. Which leaves you with a few very low-quality, dull years in random cities from various superstars. I'm not talking Ray Bourque going to Colorado to win a cup; I'm talking Brett Hull in Phoenix. So imagine this all-star starting lineup:

G: Ed Belfour (Florida)
D: Adam Foote (Columbus)
D: Bobby Orr (Chicago)
LW: Joe Neiuwendyk (Florida)
C: Brett Hull (Phoenix)
RW: Gordie Howe (Hartford)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


We're back here at Hockey Outsiders, with some updated information for our forthcoming defensive statistic:

The value is going to be "Shots Allowed." This isn't as easy as taking the team shots allowed and dividing by six of course, but requires calculating a good deal of information about each player based on +/-, power play performance, shots blocked, and the save percentage of the goalie behind him.

Right now, we're still crunching a pile of numbers, but the result should be in soon. I'm just hoping this isn't too biased against offensive defensemen.